Tutoring Services for Writing, Literature, and English

I offer a variety of personal tutoring services on how to write essays, articles, and fiction, and I also am available to tutor for high-school and college-level literature classes. For years, I’ve worked with a variety of students at the college level and above both as a teacher and in a number of reading/writing centers. As someone who holds both an M. F. A. and a PhD in English, I’ve spent a great chunk of my life in this field, and I’m happy to consider offering my time to help others in this field, be they high-school students, college students, grad students, or adults who might just want some extra help and personalized attention.

If you, or your child, or someone you know might benefit from some help with putting together essays (of any level) or with some personalized prep for literature and/or English classes, or if you simply would like personalized, empathetic proofreading and notes on an essay, feel free to reach out via my “Contact” form. Provide as much information as you can about what you, or the person you’re writing about, will likely need tutoring for and what times would generally work for you, and, if I’m available, I’ll write back as soon as I can to chat with you further about everything.

I am generally available to travel to meet you within the NYC area during weekdays and, if scheduled in advance, Sunday evenings. If you prefer, however, I can also tutor over Skype. My rates for tutoring are negotiable. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to ask!