Personal Editorial, Proofreading, and Manuscript Consultation Services 

I'm happy to consider looking at a manuscript of yours--ideally, an essay, article, or short story, though I will also occasionally look at novels, novellas, and more technical writing--and offering, for a competitive, negotiable fee, my services as a proofreader, editor, sensitivity reader, and/or provider of helpful critique, as well as, where applicable, publication advice. My goal is to offer sensitive, empathetic, honest feedback, as well as more basic help on the sentence level, if need be. I can offer comprehensive help with your manuscripts, from sentence- and paragraph-level issues to larger structural, characterization-based, and/or plot-based problems. My goal is to help you find the best possible version of your work.

When you work with me, I'm often happy to not only examine your work on my own but to speak directly with you, if you like, about my feedback so as to help my clients as fully and personally as possible. If, for instance, you're working on a lecture or speech, I will offer you a chance, if possible, to let you also perform the lecture or speech for me to see it as a potential audience member through Skype or elsewhere, so as to offer you additional feedback. If you'd just like simple proofreading and grammar-checking services on your work, I'm happy to do that, as well. I'm grateful to have clients who have come back to work with me multiple times, and I hope to extend that service to you, as well.

I cannot accept all requests, but if you would like me to consider helping you with editing or with advice for your work, please contact me through the form on the "Contact" page with some information about who you are as a writer and what your project is, including its word count.