This is an ongoing list of my published work.

Essays and  Stories

‘On Justin Trudeau, Virginia Woolf, and the Orientalist History of Brownface’ - Literary Hub

‘Starshift’ - Guernica

‘Linger’ - Indelible in the Hippocampus (McSweeney’s, edited by Shelly Oria)

The Little Mermaid Also Happens to Be Queer Allegory: On the Origins of Hans Christian Andersen’s Fable of Frustrated Affection’ - Literary Hub

‘How Alison Bechdel Understands Her Life as Fiction’ - Literary Hub

‘Edwidge Danticat Returns to Haiti in New Stories’ - Publishers Weekly

‘How to Eulogize an Animal: On Woolf and Neruda’s Animal Writing’ - Literary Hub

‘Lady of the Moon’ - Poetry Foundation

‘On the Dreamy, Queer Beauty of On a Sunbeam’ - Literary Hub

‘By the Lamplight’ - Kenyon Review

‘What The Great Gatsby Reveals About the Jazz Age’ - JSTOR Daily

‘James Baldwin in Paris: On the Virtuosic Shame of Giovanni’s Room - Literary Hub

‘Same Fear, Different Decade: On the Damaging Discourse Around Trans Rights’ - Literary Hub

‘How Jamaica Kincaid Helped Me Understand My Mother” - Literary Hub

‘Even if Netflix’s One Hundred Years of Solitude Inspires Wonder, Will It Be Enough?’ - Literary Hub

‘Blackface Is a Strange Ghost that Haunts America’ - The Guardian

‘Compass’ - Mal Journal

‘What Barry Jenkins Missed in His Adaptation of If Beale Street Could Talk’ - Literary Hub

‘In Praise of the Difficult: On Marianne Moore, Defiant Poet of Complexity’ - Literary Hub

‘On Danticat, Camus, and the Art of Exile’ - Literary Hub

‘On Yeats, When Even the Greatest of Writers Grapples with Self-Doubt’ - Literary Hub

‘James Baldwin’s Harlem through a Child’s Eyes’ - New York Review of Books

‘Edward Gorey and the Power of the Ineffable’ - The Atlantic

‘Sylvia Plath and the Many Shades of Depression’ - Literary Hub

‘James Baldwin’s Optimism’ - The Paris Review Daily

‘How Le Guin’s “A Wizard of Earthsea” Subverted Racism (But Not Sexism)’ - TOR

‘I Will Not Be an Invisible Trans Woman’ - New York Review of Books

‘The Story I Kept Hidden’ - Literary Hub

‘Alone with Elizabeth Bishop’ - New York Review of Books

'On the Enigma of V. S. Naipaul' - Literary Hub

'Specter of Oppression: Carmen Maria Machado's Her Body and Other Parties' - American Book Review

'A Genealogy of the Totalitarian Novel' - Literary Hub

'How Black Trans Women Are Redefining Beauty Standards' - Harper's Bazaar

'Twenty-First Century Word Paintings: Nafissa Thompson-Spires' "Heads of the Colored People"' - Los Angeles Review of Books

'On Marjane Satrapi's Early #MeToo Novel' - Literary Hub

'Volcano Dreams (The Body Cannot Be One Thing)' - Unruly Bodies (pop-up magazine curated by Roxane Gay)

'Music and My Father' - Literary Hub

'Kevin Williamson, Transphobia, and the Myth of Ideological Diversity' - Literary Hub

'Stephen Hawking Was a Poet' - Literary Hub

'Why Dating Another Trans Person Makes It Easier for Me to Love My Own Body' - them

'What Ursula K. Le Guin Meant to Me: Four Writers Remember' - Literary Hub

'The Ugly History of Vilifying Haiti' - Literary Hub

'Surviving 2017 with Borges' - Literary Hub

'The CDC's 7 Word Ban Is an Attempt to Erase Transgender People from Existence' - them

'The Tenuous Nonfiction of Clarice Lispector' - The Paris Review Daily

'Sexual Harassment and Hollywood's Earliest Cartoons' - HuffPost

'The Other Black Invisibles of Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man' - Literary Hub

'Hollywood's First Major Harassment Case, 96 Years Before Weinstein' - The Cut

'Why Schools Are Still Banning 'To Kill a Mockingbird' in 2017' - Shondaland

'Finding Refuge in a Queer Vampire Novel' - Literary Hub

'Jean Rhys Had to Leave Her Home to Truly See It' - Literary Hub

'Octavia Butler: The Past Is All Around This' - Literary Hub

'The Fisherman's Vision'

'We Have Always Dreamed of Other Worlds' - Literary Hub

'The Paradox of a Hurricane' - Literary Hub

'On the Dark, Wondrous Optimism of Ray Bradbury' - Literary Hub

'How Much of Einstein's Theory of Relativity Is in the Writing of Virginia Woolf?' - Literary Hub

'Ursula Le Guin's "The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas" Defies Genre' - TOR

'The Ineradicable Color-Line: Danzy Senna's New People' - L. A. Review of Books

'Girl Made of Wood' - Ignota Magazine

'Trump's Shameful, Cruel Ban on People Like Me' - Literary Hub

'Baldwin vs. Buckley: A Debate We Shouldn't Need, as Important as Ever' - Literary Hub

'Science Fiction's Under-Appreciated Feminist Icon' - The Atlantic

'The Beauty and Terror of Passing as a Woman' - VICE (abridged and adapted from 'Stepping on a Star'  in We Wear the Mask: 15 True Stories of Passing in America, from Beacon Press)

'The Queer Literary Origins of Wonder Woman' - Literary Hub

'The Political Murakami on Life in a Dark Timeline' - Literary Hub

'The Real Magic of Moebius' Edena' - TOR

'On the Dark(er) Side of the Perpetually Dark Edward Gorey'  - Literary Hub

'A Life Altered by War and Transmuted into Fiction' - New Yorker

'Some of Gabriel Garcia Marquez's Best Characters Were Dead People' - Literary Hub

'How Many Shakespeares Were There? On Authorship, Erasure, and the Myth of the Great Solitary Writer' - Literary Hub

'15 Trans Women and Non-binary Activists You Should Be Learning About in History Class' - HelloGiggles

'Derek Walcott: Poet of Twilight, Poet of the Caribbean' - Literary Hub

'The Forgotten Black Woman Behind Betty Boop' - The Cut 

'Transhumanism: More Nightmare than Dream?' - Literary Hub

'Milo Might Be Done, But His Transphobia Lingers' - Literary Hub

'The Gender Fluidity of Krazy Kat' - The New Yorker

'We See What We Want: On the Ever--Widening Political Divide' - Literary Hub

'Pixar's Inside Out and the Literature of Interiority: A Look at Portrayals of the Mind in Film and Literature' - Electric Literature

'Calvin and Hobbes Gets  Christmas Right' - Electric Literature

'Kurt Vonnegut's Atheist Marvels' - Literary Hub

'The Best Children's Books Appeal to All Ages: On Elena Ferrante, Anonymity, and Writing Across Generations' - Literary Hub

'What Counts as Transgender Literature?' - Literary Hub

'Finding Empathy in the Face of Hate' - Literary Hub

'Queer Writers in the Age of Trump' - The Atlantic

'A Young Woman Called Death - On Neil Gaiman, the Sandman Series, and How We Gender the Grim Reaper' - Literary Hub

'Odd, Weird, Scary: 12 Books to Read this Halloween Night' - Literary Hub

'Hayao Miyazaki and the Art of Being a Woman' - The Atlantic

'Why Every American Should Read The Reluctant Fundamentalist' - Literary Hub

'On Samuel Selvon's The Lonely Londoners' - Tin House (69: Sex, Again)

'Translations' - Prairie Schooner blog

'The Magic of Miyazaki's Literary Imagination: On Studio Ghibli's Literary DNA' - Literary Hub

'Who Gets to Decide What Counts as "English?"' - Literary Hub

'Why Calvin and Hobbes Is Great Literature' - Literary Hub

'On Being Queer in the Caribbean' - New York Times Sunday Review

'On the First Novel Published By a Black Caribbean Writer in England' - Huffington Post

'Shipwrecks in Deserts: On Mystic Atheism' - The Toast

'Flight of the Ruler' - Guernica

'Women and the Global Imagination: The Isle of Exile' - Prairie Schooner's blog

'Mind-Body Problems, Rephrased: Murakami, Gender Identity, and Global Literature' - The Missouri Review's blog

'A Trans Woman Enters the Restroom' - Slate

'Fighting Against Ghosthood' - VIDA

'Dreams in a Mirror' - The Normal School

'The True Price of Salt: On the Book that Became Carol' - Autostraddle

'On The Antioch Review, Daniel Harris, and Transphobia' - Medium

'How to Write About Trans Women'- Autostraddle

'Recording Casual Violence and the Banality of Evil' - Harlot Magazine

'Growing Pains' - Caribbean Review of Books

'Skydiving in Two Genders: An Essay on Trans  Visibility' -  Autostraddle

'Making the Dive and Loving Myself Dangerously' - Autostraddle

'Coconut' - Small Axe (50) (Second-Place Winner of 2015 Small Axe Literary Competition)

'On Noise, Richard O'Brien and Transphobia' - Autostraddle

'Zami' - Moko Magazine (Special Issue for Emerging Caribbean Writers for Nov/Dec, 2015)

'Casual Othering and Literature of the Fantastic' - Fantasy Lit's blog, in two parts

'On Safety, Politics, and Art' - The James Franco Review

'We Must Speak for Princess Warren' - Potent Magazine (co-written with Antiguan advocacy group Intersect)

'Review: Paris Twilight' - The Southeast Review

'Even Amidst the Carnage of a Flying Saucer's Spontaneous Appearance It May Be Found' - Sx Salon

'Viola and the Passing of the Ghost Train' - Transnational Literature


Interviews and Conversations

'Vastness in Microfiction: An Interview with Jennifer Tseng' - L. A. Review of Books

'Best American, Transphobia, and Literary Editing' - Essay Daily

'Brit Bennett on Place, Isolation, and What It Means to Be Good' - Literary Hub

'In Conversation: Writers SJ Sindu & Gabrielle Bellot on the Publishing Industry, Marginalized Identities, and Being Labeled a Queer Writer' (with SJ Sindu) - Lambda Literary

'Transmisogyny and Disc Golfing Roundtable' - The Toast (online chat with Mey Rude, Mallory Ortberg, Brook Shelley, and Frances Lee)

'The Exile Narratives of Trans Women of Color' - Dispatch Interview by Bani Amor at Everywhere All the Time


Some Places I'm Mentioned In

'Reading Like a Writer: Sustaining an Image' - Brevity

'The Intersectional Woman's Reading List' - Buzzfeed

'Gabrielle Bellot and Writing Beyond the Binary' - Ploughshares Blog


'This Writer's On Fire' - featured on The Butter

My speech at the 2017 AWP Candlelight Vigil

The Dot and Line

'The Best American Animation Writing 2016' - The Dot and Line

'A Woman Who Shouts Into the Sea' - The Rumpus

'"Inundation of Texts": Poets and Writers on Social  Media' - Kenyon Review blog

'17 Incredible Autostraddle Essays by Trans Women' - Autostraddle  

'Amplifying the Voices of LBT Women in the Caribbean' - Antillean Media Group

Moko Magazine's Special Issue: 'Firing the Canon' (Introduction by Stephen Narain)